Magenta edge tinging at high ISO and a possible solution...

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Re: PROGRESS: Version has one more tiny fix...

Gordon (seems you're as much glued to this forum as me!),

  • I apply the gaussian blur as a smart filter over the correction layer so I can come back and adjust its value as much as I want (so I can easily alternate pixel peeping and full image review), so yes, GB is applied on the correction layer only.

  • by global contrast, I meant to say that your application resulted in a more contrasted pic. Which is quite strange now I think about it... Both pics were developed using the same settings in ACR. In the end, mine had lighter blacks and darker whites (plus the slight green tinge), but it's not logical, so I'll do it again and post the results here...

  • hot pixels and random noise indeed caused some troubles (very fine banding), that's why I had to blur the correction layer...

  • I'm sure your application is waaaaaaay better than my dumb approach (the WB itself is a proof of that, and I'm not even talking about RAW data vs jpeg blurring!).

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