Get ready for trolls and the curious....

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The Oly forum is the source of trolls...

The Oly forum is the hangout of the legendary Gene Windell, the "troll maker". Gene is the guy who helped create the levendary USENET troll EOS1Vfan. He also taught Annika how to troll, manage accounts and identities, etc. He operates at least two dpReview accounts: Nabal and Nebo.

It's also home of "Trollin' Normin" Day, aka plusiotis, Plusiotis, and insectman. Norman is the only certified "master troll" on dpReview. The only troll to ever post two flame bait messages that each got 150 responses, without him having to come back, even once, to post more and fan the flames.

tinternaut wrote:

Can arrange a training course:

  • Identifying trolls (especially industry plants)

There are no "industry plants". It's not a cost effective allocation of resources (too little return for a given investment).

There's only one person on all of dpReview who shows any evidence (and he shows lots of strong evidence) of being sponsored to troll, and he talks only about the positive attributes of Adobe's DNG format.

  • Identifying and dealing with the disinformation they spread

  • Identifying the curious

  • Dealing with silly questions in a rational manner

  • Dealing with fanboi-ism

  • Appropriate usage of the complain button

  • Appropriate usage of the ignore button.

Well, as a troll-watcher of 30 years experience, all I have to say is "good luck".

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