Some with D90 and 70-300VR

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Re: Some with D90 and 70-300VR

TFergus wrote:

lee lindquist wrote:

tc333 wrote:

No it was not just a bump. I noticed how Tfergus replied to another poster and how rude he was. I then remembered what he said in this post about me looking for a pat on

Other than his fondness for BestBuy, I like TFergus.

Lol... I've had decent luck there... what can I say.
...And thank you.

There are a lot of people here that deserve mocking, and I can only do so much myself.


Actually I wasn't mocking so much as just advising him that if he were looking for viewers... there is a forum full of them. Especially since he had to resort to bumping his own thread in hopes of someone looking.

Ok.. a little mocking.

I do not normaly go off like that but i am sick and tired of people like him who take the enjoyment out of these sort of web forums.

Personally, I think your post did belong in the galleries forum, but that's not
a 'rule' that anyone observes.

There are many, many posts here of the sort --

"here's some pictures I took, and I'm not even going to bother to mention the gear used"

Certainly, those belong in the galleries forum, or probably not posted at all.

In my never humble opinion, the pictures posted in the gear forums should
be to illustrate a point about gear. That's even what the rules say.

However, this is virtually never followed.

Thank you for explaining to him.

Maybe you may learn something by reading how Lee phrased that!

But, now there is relief. I now simply block the junk picture posters with the
new forum feature. Life is good.

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Don't taze me bro !

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