Some with D90 and 70-300VR

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Re: Some with D90 and 70-300VR

To freeze moving subjects a fast shutterspeed is needed, even with VR, which deals with camera shake, not subject motion. This means lots of light, a sharpness compromising wide aperture, and/or high ISO. The latter is the weakness of the D80. Anything above ISO 1600 really is not usable without a lot of post-processing work (I like high ISO and loved the D80 so I really worked on this problem), and folks who really hate noise will say that 800 is the upper limit. The D90 is much better. Up to 1600 is basically noiseless for practical purposes, 1600-3200 is usable with little or no extra work, and even 3200-6400 can look fine if you shoot raw, take time fixing the colour, and don't mind a little grain.

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