Sony: Not ready yet to enter the professional market

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Sony's Foot in its Mouth - Uggg!

I had this discussion with Sony in 2008 at PMA.

Problem is for a long time Sony uses the word "Professional" for the top level gear heavy shooters. And No, I don't see a Sony A10 at $5000 for a while it is a very expensive area to build into that needs lots of expensive-to-make, low-volume lenses, with a long time to shift the market.

I would love to lock all these silly Product Managers in a room who still assume they can speak in public of "professionals" when they are really thinking.. top level news organization shooters mostly. Then explain the vast range of professional photographers they can server without a massive shift of resourced to large long lenses etc. All these working photographers see themselves as Pros and when Sony says not for Pros.. Sony speaks to them it is reckless language from a Product manager (there goes my shot at ever working for Sony )

I have talked about this a lot with Sony in the US and I have seen them moving to shift the discussion. Includng PMA 2009 where I was told they are looking at the best way to implement Pro level service.

Even if some PM in the UK is not aware enough of the cost of this language.. I know in the US Sony is very aware that there are lots of serious people making thier living off Sony cameras now and more would consider it if they improved the support options.

It sounds like the UK might be slower in figuring this out.. too bad for them.
Sony US gets it.. I am sure of that.

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