EOS 7D photo & spec posted on a famous Chinese forum

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not a canon user but have good news for you

based on my trusted source, (a tester who handled the camera personally), it will yes be APS-C and yes takes EF-S but NOT 1.6x, rather close to 1.45x. and if u do the math you'll find that being 18MP at that sensor size means the pixel density is not higher than the 50D. that way the camera exceeds D300 by both sensor size and MP count, it is certainly better than 50D in many ways and it tries to find a compromise between being compatible with EF-S's and a bit more exciting sensor-size-wise than traditional 1.6x. this is the sort of camera that makes non-canon users like me wish they were canon users, it'll be a very exciting camera IMO, if it is not too heavy nor priced too expensive beyond the reasonable.

best wishes..

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