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Re: Don't forget "brick wall" mode

MikeInIndy wrote:

And as far as EVFs, they'd better get a heck of a lot better than even the most recent examples I've looked at (Nikon P60) before I'd even consider them. Though maybe the one on that camera sucks, I swear my 6 year old miniDV camcorders EVF is better.

Most recent example . . . Nikon P60?

That is a pretty old camera to be comparing EVF's with.

Not to mention short lived (ie.- wasn't Nikon's greatest achievement).

Nikon obviously didn't put much money or thought into it.

Go have a look at the Panasonic G1 or GH1.

And that is just for starters.

EVF's will only get better.

I think the technology is already here . . . they just aren't giving it to us yet!

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