Pixel density - can the playing field be leveled???

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10mp vs 20mp

Cheburashka wrote:

Absolutely. However, I do have a question for those that feel fewer and larger pixels will have a noise and DR advantage at higher ISOs: just how much of an advantage, in terms of stops, do you think 10 MP would have over 20 MP?

If I've understood what Emil and Mal explained correctly, then I think it goes a bit like this: A 20mp G11 would have a higher per pixel shot/photon noise, but the per area, or 'image level' shot noise would be the same, so no problem there. But assuming that the per pixel read noise would be the same in a 20mp G11 as in a 10mp G11 (which seems to be a reasonable assumption), then the 20mp camera would have 41% higher per area read noise, which would affect shadow noise, high-ISO performance and DR negatively. By how much measured in stops I can't say.

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