Pixel density - can the playing field be leveled???

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Malcolm Practice wrote:

...and what many others say to that sort of statement is where is your evidence to support that conjecture? You would have to establish a direct causal link between pixel density and QE to be able to make that statement, and to my knowledge no-one on your side of the debate has been able to do that.

...you are asking for the evidence, which is impossible to provide. How could I provide a direct comparison between two sensors, of which one is only hypothetical. Besides, for the same reason, you cannot provide evidence to disprove it, can you? I know, I know. I came up with the hypothesis, so it is my problem to prove it, not my opponents to disprove it. But I am not a scientist, thus I do not need every possible evidence on earth to make my opinion about something that otherwise seems to be quite obvious, given all the clues. Besides, I can reverse this argument, since it is not my original statement, that starts this sub-thread, "more MP = better IQ"

Even if I came up with some comparisons, your next statement would be that too many other factors contribute, anyway, let's face it. So no, I do not have any more "hard" evidence. Only the clues already posted, they make enough sense for me. Plus few years of observations & comparing the cameras tested by other ppl, some of in controlled environments. To me, the trend is quite obvious, that for the given genetration of cameras, the ones performing best in low light, best DR (yari, yari), are the ones with less densely populated sensors.

I am tired of this thread, I think that everyone intersted have enough food for thought. I was really curious to read about the possibility that the common knowledge, that "more MP is better" might actually be true, but I am not convicted, after all.

I am very curious what G11 turns out to be from IQ/sensitivity point of view, when put to the test. Again, it will not be a proof of anything, just another clue.

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