I thought third party batteries didn't work for the G1?

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Harold66 wrote:

Hello Don

while what you say is generally true, it was not the reason why panasonic ban the use of 3rd party batteries , which are usually made of the same components than the panasonic ones. this was a appaling move with greed as the only motivating factor

they expect most sites would be too afraid of advertising aftermath to call them on that. Noisy cameras was one of the only site to finger Panasonic for such a reprehensible behavior

I think it is silly to believe that Panasonic has done this for safety reasons. They simply want to boost their profits. There are plenty of 3rd party generics that have over-charging prevention and shorting circuitry so why ban all non-oem in the name of safety? If they are worried about safety they should just put a sticker on the camera saying that non-oem's can be hazardous......Does Nikon, Canon, Sony,etc have firmware blocking generics? NO!


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