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Re: New Spyder3Print SR profiling kit

Interesting, they let the PrintFix Pro users upgrade to the Spyder3 Print software for free. Now it looks like the Spyder3 users can upgrade to the new software without having to buy the new hardware.

Yes, that's correct. The new Spyder3Print SR 4.0 software should be up on the main Datacolor site early next week.

The new 4.0 version has been in the works for more than a year, and there are a huge number of changes and improvements: some directly related to the new SR spectrocolorimeter, and some which affect overall use and the original DC1005 spectrocolorimeter as well. Some important things to note:

  • New, improved, streamlined workflow (no more Basic and Advanced) and an improved sequence of user interface screens.

  • The OSX version is now Universal Binary, launches, runs, and builds profiles twice as fast as 3.5. The OSX installer itself is also Universal Binary. (Meaning that neither require Rosetta emulation, so this is very nice if you've just installed Snow Leopard and didn't install Rosetta) The Windows version is also faster than before and has a new driver for both spectrocolorimeters.

  • Improved compatibility with Vista (and has also been tested with Windows 7 RC)

  • The installer size has been significantly reduced by approximately 30%.

  • All languages are installed at once, and Spyder3Print SR can switch and run in different languages without reinstalling (based on your OS-level language settings)

  • A new Software Update feature checks for new versions automatically.

  • You can print all pages in a multi-page target with a single click of the Print button.

  • Patches in the Target window can now be selected by mouse clicking.

  • The new EZ targets can be used with both spectrocolorimeters. Some people will appreciate the larger patches and automatic error checking feature...:-) Even with larger patches, we're printing 125 patches/sheet, so 2 sheets produce a 225 patch profile, with more than twice as many patches as the ColorMunki uses on it's 50 patch sheets. (And of course, you can still use the older targets and print 225 patches on a single sheet if you like).

  • And of course: changes that are specific to strip reading/scanning with the new SR spectro. You only need to press the button once at the start of each row, instead of for each patch in each row.

  • My strip reading speed with the SR spectro, without using the SpyderGuide, is around 2 patches/second. I can measure the 225 colors target in 2 minutes; adding the 238 grays brings me up to 4 minutes total. I can measure the 729 patch target in 7 minutes this way. (Personally: I don't like to use measuring guides; repositioning the plastic ruler once per scan line slows me down)

  • With the original DC1005 spectrocolorimeter, measurement speed (the time between the "open" and "close" shutter sound, as each patch is measured) has been improved once again. With 4.0 software, the DC1005 measures each patch about 2x as fast as it did with 3.5 (which in turn was 2x as fast as with 3.0 software and earlier). This means that those with original DC1005's will also find the measuring process to be faster and more responsive.

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