I thought third party batteries didn't work for the G1?

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Re: I thought third party batteries didn't work for the G1?

Well, I've slowed down my pace:) I had a few surgeries between 2001 and 2005 which left me with time on my hands during my recovery. I made sure I'd sell the camera while I could still recover a decent amount of money in return. I see the difference I've spent as a sort of "rental fee".

As for the feel issue, I usually pick it up pretty quick which might have to do with the fact I shoot with it like crazy from the time it comes out of the box. However, although some cameras were easy to get used to in a matter of hours or days, others took longer. Excellent image quality aside, I found the worst menus were the Olympus C-5050 and C-8080. The best for me was the FZ30/50. The G1 lies somewhere in the middle as I don't really like the front wheel for the exp. comp.

MA wrote:
How do you get a "feel" for the camera in that short time?

A Girard wrote:

I've had over 55 digital cameras over the last 7 years. I typically have had a minimum of two batteries for each. Where I am, we pay 90.00 + 15% tax or a G1 battery, a battery for my D90 are the same price. I typically pay between 12.00 to 20.00 with shipping for a clone and I've never had a problem with a single one. Between my two latest cameras, along with my TZ5 I've already saved 200.00. So figure all the other cameras I've gone through and yes the savings is substantial.

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