I thought third party batteries didn't work for the G1?

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Re: I thought third party batteries didn't work for the G1?


If you by 7 or 8 cameras in a year moneywise a battery or two are just a fart in a hurricane. Even if I could afford it, I would find it quite frustrating buying a new camera every second month. My GH1 is 2 months old soon, and close to 4000 pictures later I'm still learning new things about the camera.
How do you get a "feel" for the camera in that short time?

A Girard wrote:

I've had over 55 digital cameras over the last 7 years. I typically have had a minimum of two batteries for each. Where I am, we pay 90.00 + 15% tax or a G1 battery, a battery for my D90 are the same price. I typically pay between 12.00 to 20.00 with shipping for a clone and I've never had a problem with a single one. Between my two latest cameras, along with my TZ5 I've already saved 200.00. So figure all the other cameras I've gone through and yes the savings is substantial.

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