Me thinks - Sony are doing a bit of Pulling and Pruning......

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Re: For WaltKnapp....

Steve FStop wrote:

Never is a long long word. like you, i don't think we will see a lot of 2nd hand a700 flooding the market - yet .

I know never is a long word. I just don't see how I can plan any other way. And after all that's really what this is about, planning the progression of our system and our photography.

Sony need to earn their PRO creds as an integral part of their long term DSLR marketing strategy. They do not have enough PROs using their gear yet to warrant a split. In this case Sony must deliver the chicken before they can lay the golden PRO egg (or should that be a duck- LOL)?

The interest in their a900 may have thrown them off. But you sit there watching this break in their lineup get wider and wider, and them even expanding it more, and time passing. You also have various statements from their management when they were setting up to ponder. You have to ask why that? A split is one of the few things that makes sense. And we do know that's how they run their video.

Note while we say Pros a lot of the customers of a pro division are not making a living off photography. That's where you will find many of the advanced amateurs too.

This has been a VERY dark and haunting thought for me, but I can not see it being a reality. I am confident that the a700 branch will see another flower emerge, boy oh boy I hope they don't leave it tooo long though!

I went ten years with the RD-175 after Minolta walked away from AF lens based DSLR. With no sign at all they would change. Just using the equipment as long as possible. Yes I've seen and experienced personally just what it's like.

Yes if another appears I'll be happy to check it out and maybe even buy. But can't plan expecting that.

I believe that it is those who are not familar with the a700, that Sony are targeting with the a5XX and a850.

Yes I expect the more experienced shooters won't be pulled in. And if you already have the a700 you are likely to be much more resistant, you know what you have. On average because it's new, Sony DSLR users are less experienced than other brands. That makes them more vulnerable to this sort of play.

The low end is the nursery, and they want to catch as many people as possible before they leave school, or it will be too late.

It's a balance, both of what people know and how much equipment is in their system. At some point leaving is really not much of a option. But before that they are more like P&S folks who may switch brands with each buy.

You have gret control and patience Walt, and much better than mine by the sound of it!

My system for the a700 is just an extension of the system I started with the 7D. I expected Minolta to do another abandonment and worked on building system as rapidly as money would allow. Planning a system that could handle abandonment, or be upgraded if things continued. Six months after getting the 7D I had a core system which I've been expanding and improving since, but always as if the next item may be the last I can get. I'm still running that kind of plan.

You got to have patience. I photograph wildlife and also do nature audio recording. You'd go nuts if you had no patience. I've recorded the calls of all the 30+ species of frogs in Georgia, 9 years and 150000 miles of driving. The last species took 5 years of careful hunting to find. I'm still one species short on photography, the carpenter frog is not common and stays out in the middle of peat bogs and such. I've got audio, but getting close enough in the middle of the night is a challenge for the photos.

Difficult to say what will happen with pricing on the remaining a700s, depends on how many the have versus how long we have to wait for a worthy a700 successor?

Yep, but I'm sure I can find another if needed.


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