Images taken with the A850

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Re: ISO lowest rating 200?

ozgoldman wrote:

I understand from comments and documentation that the 850 does not have 100 ISO. It starts at Auto then jumps to 200 ISO and above.

Is this a drawback for the A850?

I am still heading for an A900 - but will seriously consider the A850 now.

Noise appears to be a considerable issue at high ISO with the Sony A series per se.
Are there any improvements in this area with the A850 over the A900?

Will wait for a few more opinions before taking the plunge later this year.

If you look arounf you'll find high ISO pictures taken by people who know how to use their cameras and you'll that sony's pictures are not as noisy as some pretends. If you want to get the real idea of sony's cameras high iso performances, you have to stay away from reviews and stamp pictures.

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