Brand new E3, 1100+ Shutter activations

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Re: Brand new E3, 1100+ Shutter activations

dark goob wrote:

djmacedonas wrote:

$50 is reasonable, I think. I figure the camera has burned through
1/136 of its shutter rating. At $1299 it has gone through $9.52 worth
of shutter.

I have to weigh this against the fact that I bought the
E3/12-60SWD/FL50R bundle for $1999, and the hassle of sending it
back. OTOH, I can also use $2000, as I'm a bit stretched.


I think you're being a little b* about this. 1100 shutter activations on a camera that is rated to 150,000?

Are you kidding. When you think you are buying new, IT SHOULD BE NEW.

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