HDr with LR/Enfuse

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Re: Photomatix v. Enfuse compared

jonathan68 wrote:


Do you have one of the originals pre enfuse to compare with?

These are the first, middle and last exposures (out ot 9)

I'd attempt to increase the contrast of the unprocessed image, or apply some manual dodge and burn to increase its punchiness, shadow and highlight detail while maintaining a natural look.

Thank you for this great tip, and for sharing your beautiful image.

I have used the dodge/burn techique before to increase local contrast, but had sort of forgotten about it, in favour of using the "extreme USM" method. Here's my quick attempt using dodge/burn to increase foreground detail (before & after). I'm sure a lot more could be done with a bit more practice:

Enfused, no PP:

Enfused, with dodge/burn in Photoshop:


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