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While on the whole I would agree, there are certainly times where higher ISO really is very desirable. Anyone who shoots wildlife a lot will know what I'm talking about... that special circumstance where everything comes together for perhaps just a few seconds, and all you can do is make the very best of it with whatever you have at hand, because those circumstances are perhaps a one off, and are completely out of your control. At that moment in time, you want the fastest, cleanest shot you can get.

I missed shots of cougars and wolves in Canada because ISO 6400 was only giving me 40th/sec at 500mm. What are my chances of ever seeing those animals in the wild again (keeping in mind that I live in England and the cost of travel)? Pretty slim! I probably missed my only opportunity. There's no such thing as fast enough!


J A K wrote:

person on this forum that does not shoot at the lowest possible ISO setting for the situation at hand. Now the "situation at hand" might dictate an ISO setting anywhere from 100 to 800 (normal-highest) or 1600(extreme-highest); it all depends.

When I go on photo trips both landscapes and wildlife are the soupe du jour; the ISO setting for my landscape bodies is vastly different than the two I use for wildlife.


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