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G11 not the

I’ve heard it said that great photographers of the past are remembered for a relative few landmark images they made over the years.

Is photography becoming a drag to you? Are you consumed with the latest gear? Do you want to like photography more and make better pictures?

Rather than buying a G11, here's some simple changes that could make a positive difference in your photography:

1-Shoot less often
2-fill up your memory card before transferring images to computer.

3-be more discriminating and ignore most images, except those that really standout . It’s OK to save the less-than-great ones to your Western Digital “My Passport”, just make sure not to spend any time on them.

The above occurred to me because I find myself, way too often:
1- taking pictures when the light/circumstances are not optimal (or even decent)

2- uploading images way before card is full, increasing the chances that mediocre images will pass the smell test and get “worked” and/or uploaded to my photo site.

I haven’t tried these suggestion yet, but I will. I’ll let you know my thoughts/findings in about 6 months.

PS, I sold my D700 to concentrate on mastering my A720is. I might get the S90 when it's released. I like its size and KR calls it "the best compact ever". But then there's that massive focal range of the SX20. Who knows?

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