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photosen wrote:

Maybe subconsciously I'm thinking of a "shortcut" from "no knowledge" to "the best tools" without having to accumulate the intermediate equipment, which somehow seems like a waste... Probably not possible...

This is a very common thing to have happen. Many (maybe even most) people with advanced knowledge of any subject forget what it took to get them to that point, and thus don't know how to guide/teach a beginner to get to the same point. There is no shortcut to advanced skills. You can speed things up by pointing them in the right direction, having them take classes, giving them tips, and so on, but the steps to learning are usually the same. You have to start at the beginning, work through the middle, then move on from there. You can't learn Calculus without learning algebra somewhere along the way.

As far as intermediate equipment being a waste... if you are careful and willing to work at it, you can find excellent used camera gear on EBay or places like 4/3photo. Or by shopping around and finding sales, rebates, etc. you can buy new stuff at below retail. Then when you outgrow gear or want to upgrade, you can resell it and get back much of what you paid for it. If you buy and sell to upgrade, you can move up the ladder somewhat cheaply.

For example, I got lucky and found a Peleng 8mm Fisheye for $170 (a real great price) earlier this year. After using it for about a week or so, I found a used Oly 8mm FE for $480. I turned around and sold the Peleng for almost $300. By applying the Peleng "profits" to the Oly purchase, I effectively bought the Oly 8mm for around $350 (price I paid minus the profit on the Peleng). A new Oly 8mm is $750. I didn't plan it that way, but that's how it worked out.

The only things that drop in value quickly are bodies. Lenses keep their value very well. This is another argument for getting the body you want first, then work your way up the lens ladder. Thus between the E520 and E620, get the E620. That body will probably last through multiple lens upgrades and additions.

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