After Eight Months With the E-3...

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Re: After Eight Months With the E-3...

I agree on most of your points, and some i have no opinion on... as i dont often scroll through info windows etc... but if you say its an improvement I will go for it.

Also improved batteries. Pentax, Nikon, Sony, they all have the improved info type batteries. Improved battery grip: I'm tired of my HLD-4 crapping out with AA's in it when I try to use wireless flash, etc. I would also like a 4-way controller on the battery grip, like Sony does. I don't care if it costs more.

This I agree with 110% i bought the HLD-4 and returned it the next day, i didn't find it nearly as comfortable as the E-3 grip itself. I found it wasn't as easy to grip or reach any of the buttons... but thats just me, other hands might have fit well... but the E-3 is so damn comfortable to hold, the grip was a huge letdown.

Sharp previews of SHQ jpegs!!! Ugh. I end up shooting in JPEG Normal, against my will, so that I can zoom in to check my focus. That's just wrong.

I do find the slightly fuzzy images in preview disconcerting, it took me a few shots to work out it was the preview not the focus

Stay at 10 megapixels if necessary, but LESS NOISE. Not better noise reduction, LESS ACTUAL NOISE, especially in the shadows. I'd gladly give up 12mp and stay at 10... I think the resolution is fine... I'd get a Canon 5D MK II if I wanted tons of resolution. I buy Olympus for the image quality, color quality. And having noisy shadows is my #1 complaint on this camera, even at ISO 400 it's pretty bad in those shadows.

I think riley calls this better black clipping, not sure what he means but I am doing some jewellery shots with smooth reflections on black acrylic and it is a little bothersome.

All in all i also love my system, the 12-60 keeps blowing me away... I have looked at the D700 as a second system or the 5DmII, or the Sony A900, however the quality the E-3 delivers always has me saying... do i need to spend the money?

Too much quality out there...

So glad there is another satisfied E-3 user, enjoyed reading your post.


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