nikon D90 v canon 50D

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Re: nikon D90 v canon 50D

I just went through the same decision about 2 months ago. Coming from a Canon Rebel, I was deciding between these two.

For me it came down to three things, which you may want to consider:

  • Kit lens choices (as they are considerably less than buying separately). For the kinds of pictures I take, I likes the Nikon combos better.

  • How the camera feels in your hand. I liked the feel of the Nikon better (in fact I tried the D5000 and hated the feel). Very personal thing, so try them for a few mins. I thought the controls were ergonomically laid out better.

  • Price. The Nikon was a few hundred less with what I thought were similar capabilities after reading all the reviews.

Other things to consider:

  • Bring a CF and SDHC card with you to the store. Take some shots with each and then bring them home and look over the shots. I have PS CS3, so I looked at the RAW files.

  • If you're use to one brand, don't worry. It's pretty easy to pick up the other brands controls. Biggest thing for me was that everything is reverse on the Nikon (lens mounts differently, dials opposite, unless you change them, etc). I didn't have a big lens investment in Canon, so that wasn't a factor for me.

  • I too had no "need" for video. Realistically, it has many limitations - most notably the manual focus, but people have mentioned ways to work around that. However, I was really surprised at the quality and how useful it can be at times for quick little clips. For example, I was at a car race, and at the end, they had a humorous awards ceremony. Capturing what they said with video was really nice.

Just some thoughts. Let us know what you decide!


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