Pixel density - can the playing field be leveled???

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Re: Same result..

bushi wrote:

There is no way, assuming the same technology , that adding more pixels to the same sensor will result in the same light sensitive area. Because each additional pixel requires some "dead" sensor area (=non light-capturing area) for his housekeeping tasks, apart from collecting the light. And the overall sensor light collecting area will be diminished by this "dead" bit. Times number of megapixels added, equals significantly less light sensing area. That sieve analogy that I came up with wasn't bad, realy. Try to imagine & understand it.

And I am not comparing the old generation sensor with the new gen one, like the marketing dept is doing for your convenience in the diagram produced. I am comparing new gen high res one, to (unfortunately) non-existing new gen one, that would use the improved technology (=less "dead" area per pixel) with the same number of pixels of prev gen sensor. Geez, is this really that hard to grasp?

What this disorder should be called, belief in number's magic causing reality blindness?

What you're saying hasn't been happening, though. Even with tiny P&S pixels and incrementing pixel density, QE and total photon collection per unit of area has generally been on the increase. If a limit with current tech is realized, then there may be another tech waiting around the corner, without thick minimal walls between photosites.

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