After Eight Months With the E-3...

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After Eight Months With the E-3...

After eight months with the E-3, 15,000+ pictures later, I have to say: this camera rules. I love it. But it has its flaws. So here I'll say the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I just love the "Oly color." The image quality is awesome. I have some OM primes with adapter but I just find consistently that my 12-60 + 50-200 are basically all I need. The only thing I would really like to add is a 50mm 2.0, and the 300mm 2.8. I guess I don't really care about the wide angle. Oh, a 25mm 1.4 would be nice, but frankly... I just can't justify $999 for a fast prime. Ugh.

I love the wireless FL-50R. I love the weatherproofing, and boy have I ever tested that: champagne, water, lots of water, sand, etc. Not very much sand but a little bit, no issues. Never a dust spot. Image stabilizer works well enough. Metering is fine. The swivel LCD is fantastic.

What would I change? Most of the features changes I would suggest are already in E-30, E-620, E-P1, and undoubtedly will make their way into the E-3's successor.

But one thing I would change is the Info modes. Currently you have up to six (?) different info display modes, and you have to press info each time to cycle to the next info mode. They streamlined this on the E-P1 by allowing you to turn off certain info screens so you are only switching between two, lets say, the green square zoom-in or the standard view. And then the auto-zoom-in on the E-P1 is genius. But I would love to see this: hold down the info button and turn the dial to cycle through a series of icons representing each info mode, then stop on the one you want to use. Simple. Fast. Better.

Also improved batteries. Pentax, Nikon, Sony, they all have the improved info type batteries. Improved battery grip: I'm tired of my HLD-4 crapping out with AA's in it when I try to use wireless flash, etc. I would also like a 4-way controller on the battery grip, like Sony does. I don't care if it costs more.

Higher rez screen: not that big of a deal, to be honest. But of course it would be nice.

Sharp previews of SHQ jpegs!!! Ugh. I end up shooting in JPEG Normal, against my will, so that I can zoom in to check my focus. That's just wrong.

Stay at 10 megapixels if necessary, but LESS NOISE. Not better noise reduction, LESS ACTUAL NOISE, especially in the shadows. I'd gladly give up 12mp and stay at 10... I think the resolution is fine... I'd get a Canon 5D MK II if I wanted tons of resolution. I buy Olympus for the image quality, color quality. And having noisy shadows is my #1 complaint on this camera, even at ISO 400 it's pretty bad in those shadows.

I will say this: after the 1.4 firmware, the C-AF is AWESOME. I LOVE the AF on this camera. It's made out of pure WIN. I hope we can see some more SWD lenses soon. I would personally love to see a fast prime from Oly... I know the story, it's not telecentric, it's hard to do. Well, I just think there's a way, there has to be a way... figure it out. I'd be so happy about a 67.5mm F1.4.

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