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Re: Photomatix v. Enfuse compared

Thank you Mike. I was sufficiently impressed to want to have a go myself, with a stack of 9 images which I'd previously processed using Photomatix.

A very impressive turn out from both programs. You have learned Photomatrix well.

I downloaded EnfuseGUI 2.0, it's a nice Windows front end and comes with Enfuse embedded. Quick and easy to install (I am running Windows 7 in a virtual machine).


This will be great for folks that don't run LR.

Here are three images processed from the same stack. First with Photomatix then with Enfuse, and finally Enfuse with additional post processing in Photoshop where I applied some local contrast enhancement to give it a slight 'HDR' look. I did this with the USM filter, using a small amount + large radius (approx 14/80).

Photomatix has pulled a lot more detail in the foreground. However one shouldn't don't draw any firm conclusions because Enfuse was on its default settings, whereas I spent a while tweaking the parameters in Photomatix.

Enfuse as above plus Photoshop tweaks

I too find that a general increase in contrast is necessary after producing the Enfused image as it tends to be flat

Thanks for you rcomments and your help.
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