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One lens for a dslr? Sort of defeats the purpose

This question comes up on occasion. If you're going to buy a dslr, you won't restrict yourself to one lens. Even if your budget is limited, you will expand some day, so basing a choice on one lens only disregards where you're going. It's like asking what P&S has the best screw on lenses. Yes, you can do that, but there's a far better tool for the job.

Having said that, if I were just getting started and on a budget, I'd pass on the 12-60 and go with the older 14-54. Same performance, a lot cheaper, around $350. Combine that with a 620, and you come in for under one grand.

You could get a Pana/Leica 14-150 (if you can find one), and put it on an E420 for around $1600.

My standard kit these days is the 7-14, PL25 1.4, and 50-200. I used to carry the 14-54, but the PL25's rendering qualities are so sublime that I carry it now, and zoom with my feet. If you're going to lug out the dslr, may as well get the best IQ you can.

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