Other than Alien Bees, what other good monolights are there ?

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Ellis Vener
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What is meant by service

"And nobody needs service unless the product breaks a lot. Not a factor. "

That is purely simplistic b.s.

But spealking of repairs. Since I started as an Assistant (1981-1984), then working for a brief period o nthe staff of a home and garden magazine, and since 1984 running my own studio. I have also taught at a couple of different schools I have either owned or rented a very wide variety of lights:

Balcar, Broncolor, Paul C. Buff (Alien Bees and Zeus), Calumet, Calumet/Bowens, Canon, Comet, Dynalight, Elinchrom (EL1000), Godard, Hensel, Lumadyne, Metz, Nikon, Norman, Novatron, Profoto (Pro and Acute) , Quantum (Turbo battery), Speedotron Blackline, and Vivitar

And I've seen examples of every brand fail. Sometimes they just die of their own accord, and sometimes it is through user error. Sometimes the error is mine, sometimes it has been one of my assistants, and sometimes a student causes the problem. Ask any flash repair person and they will tell you the same thing.

Service is not just about repair either, it is about availability of modifiers and user replacable parts , and if it does need to be repaired by technician, the availability and cost of replacement parts.

No brand of lights is perfect. They are tools, not objects of worship.

Service starts before, during and after the sale. It is a company wide attitude.

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