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Re: Post more.

One has to be an expert in the Sigma-delta ADC and signal processing theory to be able to understand the benefits and limitations of this method when applied to the imaging. Yes, the sigma-delta approach can be easily modified to be able to capture low-lights. Also, it can be easily modified to remove reset noise, threshold offsets and any pixel or column-level FPN.

Here are some measurement results:

Input referred read noise at 30fps= 37.8microV (nothing like this has been reported previously). This easily translates into
Intra-scene linear dynamic range = 91dB
FPN less than 0.5%
Power at 30fps 10 x lower than APS and other digital approaches

Allows real time low power compression (inluding JPEG and JPEG 2000), motion blur correction, white balancing, ....

The only drawback is increased memory size required for the Sigma-delta approach.

Well, the time has finally come to send the APS and CCD dinosaurs to history and for some imaging experts to retire.

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