Best Third-party batteries for 1DSII

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Re: Best Third-party batteries for 1DSII

same here

2 mydigitaldiscount and 1 delkin

what a waste of time and money

of course I can only tell what happened to me.. you did the same.. then what you wanna do? if they still want to buy the chinese batteries then fine.


by the way: the delkin died after 4 months (I believe) .. the same as the MDD ones: no refresh at all, no charge, nuthing. The delkin holds the cups (of coffee) now. (espresso actually). is good, to hold the cups is really good.

bought the canons instead and now I'm good (1DsII and 1Ds) actually the battery that came with the first 1Ds 6 years ago still works.. see what I mean?

but I agree that the canons are way overpriced!

Jon Laye wrote:

You get what you pay for. I have several Canon batteries, all last over 1000 shots when new and after about 3 years will get me about 500-600 shots. Time to replace.

I bought a cheap battery, $29 and it worked fine for a few shoots then went dead. Oh well.

I also bought a Delkin battery, $69, backed by a real company. It actually gave me more shots then the Canon OEM battery, about 1400 when new, but after 2 years it was pretty much toast, 300 shots max.

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