ENOUGH! Mac, Pc or Linux?

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Re: If you run both Mac and Windows there is no need for Linux

Joe Ogiba wrote:

I am not dumping on Linux, I just don't like when Linux diehards say there is no need for Windows. Try running Crysis Warhead 64-bit with a Nvidia GTX295 card under Linux in 1920x1200 mode. If Linux did what all people want to do it would have more than 1% marketshare. BTW I have tried myriad of Linux distros and it's ok for basic stuff on older PCs but forget it with the latest digital devices on the latest graphic cards.

Try running NEST on Windows. I do, on an 8-core machine with 2 high-end nvidia cards and 32Gb memory. Linux runs the hardware just fine. Linux is not for "basic stuff on older PCs".

Really, what's the point of your tirade? All three systems have special areas where the others are lacking. Nobody's been claiming Windows is redundant, and the only one with a strident, preaching tone here has been you.

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