G11 shutter delay

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Re: Another factor to consider

70 mS is pretty close to the mirror times on a DSLR. Figuring half that time is flip up and half is flip back down, and the picture taking starts at around 35 mS or so. That's about twice as fast as a prefocused G series, but it's also a lot faster than typical human reaction times which are in the 0.1- 0.2 second range.

There is another factor. If the shooter is using the LCD to compose and make his shooting decision, there can be significant lag in the updating of the LCD display. Thus you are making your decision to shoot after the peak of the action has passed. My Pro 1 is fairly slow in updating and lags real time by 1/4 to 1/3 second. What's the lag on a late model G series? (guess I'll have to measure that)

Let's suppose the G10 has a 100 msec lag in the LCD, a 70 msec lag in the shutter release, and the shooter is pretty fast with a 100 msec reaction time. That's still 270 msec. On a DSLR, there is no lag through the lens, so there's 35 msec mirror time and 100 msec reaction time = 135 msec. Hmmm!

Of course, you could always use the OVF on your G series and cut out the LCD refresh times getting you down to 170 msec.

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