Some with D90 and 70-300VR

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Re: Some with D90 and 70-300VR

Wasn’t sure whether #1 was an Emu or an Ostrich, but settled on the later. I think this is the best of the lot and shows a lot of detail; composition wise I think it needs a bit more empty space in front of the bill in order to get the head out of the center of the frame – the way it is looks like a picture in a reference book.

Number two may have a bit too much dead space and the bird would look better if there was some catch light (that small glint of light that reflects off the eye). Catch light can often time be initiated by the use of flash, even the pop-up flash will sometimes be enough.

Not sure what I am supposed to be looking at in #3. The three birds on the foreground spit of land are uninteresting with their backs to the camera and apparently too far away for any detail to show. In addition the background with the myriad white birds, which appear as nothing more than white blobs, is very distracting and takes the viewers eyes away from the three birds that are the object of the photo. Maybe the mass of birds in the background would have made a better subject.

The gull is a bit soft. This looks to be a crop in which case you’d have been better served to have waited and let the gull get closer. Most people who are interested in bird pictures judge the picture by whether or not they can detect feather detail.

In your last picture you are just too far away and there is nothing to hold the viewers attention. This is one of those pictures that after a quick perusal the viewer thinks, OK, nothing here of interest, next. This would be a difficult scene to capture, the lighting is poor, the water colorless, the land is more or less colorless and the birds are more or less the same color as the land.

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