Old Pentax MX lenses justify moving to DSLR?

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Go for it!

Your glass will be as good on digital as it was on film... so if it was fine for you then, it will still be fine now.

The f1,7 is an excellent lens. The Takumar might be great or passable, since there was much sample variation. I had the f2,8 version of this lens and liked it a great deal (I replaced it by a 150 mm but miss it from time to time). The Albinar I don't know.

The point is, again, that if you liked thoses lenses before, you will still like them now. You could purchase a DSLR body and do the exact same kind of photography you did with your film body. Get a kit lens and you've got a pretty good everyday zoom to cover your basic needs. The fast fifty will let you capture things that no other lens will allow (I shot handheld pictures of the Statue of Liberty at night with a 50/f2, while on a boat).

The camera is a tool. The lenses are other tools. If those tools suited you, they still will. You already KNOW these lenses and that's a significant advantage.

What's more, with a camera like the K20D you get an amazingly performant tool for a low price (these days). Weather-sealed body, multiple external controls, bright viewfinder (just go to a store and compare), usable live view (especially for manual focusing), built-in image stabilization, wonderful ergonomics, yadda yadda. Pentax DSLRs are "photographer's" cameras, whatever features Canikon offers, I've never used a camera from these brands that makes me waht to take pictures the way a Pentax does.

Fanboy? Not really, I've owned Kodak, Nikon, Canon before. But I can look at the various offerings and forge an honest opinion

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