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Re: Any body, and the 14-54....

Value-for-money it's a very hard to beat lens. It started out as the workhorse lens for Olympus and has always been considered an excellent lens. Since the release of the 12-60mm (which is optically even better, tho IMO not all that much) it has been a bit overshadowed and prices for it have gone down so that now it represents an awesome value proposition.

There's a couple of lenses in the Olympus that are generally considered to give excellent quality for their price: the ZD50 prime, the ZD14-54 (especially the Mk I, tho if you want CDAF you'll want the Mk II) and the ZD70-300. The kit lenses, when bought as a kit (so not separately) definately belong in that list as well, to such an extend that when I bought a new body I took the double-zoom kit despite already having the earlier kit lenses.

EDIT: Just a little addendum: If you get a kit (and I suggest you do), I'd strongly recommend the double-zoom. The ZD40-150 is a lens that needs to be seen to be believed. This lens is tiny and when you see it you'll be hardpressed to even believe it's an equivalent to 80-300mm. Despite this, it produces very good image quality.
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