Your recommendation: Single lens

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Re: Your recommendation: Single lens

Another one that I didn't see mentioned (if it was, sorry, I just quickly scanned the thread)

The Pana/Leica 14-150. A big reach lens, but without many of the compromises that most big zoom lenses bring. Little distortion, little CA, great bokeh and sharpness. But... it comes at a price. Not sure what the US price is, I guess $1200. Leaves you some money for a body like the E420/E520. You could do with the E420, as the lens has image stabilisation built in.

Only problem with this lens is that it does not have the aperture of the 14-54 or 12-60. The PL goes from 3.5 to 5.6. But I think it is a great lens!

I feel the lens should be mentioned in respect to your question, however, I would advise a starting DSLR user to go with an E520 and kit lenses, and put the rest of the money on the bank until you learn what you are missing with the kit lenses.

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