Pixel density - can the playing field be leveled???

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Re: [6/6] Myth busted: small pixels bad, 4 legs good - part 6

bushi wrote:

..how could be? according to dxomark comparison, LX3 have a clear edge in both b) and c) over G10 (let's don't overcomplicate things and lets stick to the same size sensors/similar class cameras)

Based on a comparison at DxO, this is what I see:

1) The LX3 has more pixel depth; IOW, it is capable of lower base ISOs, so has more DR, but most of it gained towards bright exposure.

2) For the same real absolute exposure, the read noise is about the same, and the shot noise is lower for the G10.

All in "print" btw, which really should be the default.

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