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with the dual kit and the 25mm pancake (assuming you can get one) will set you back less than a grand. I recently picked up this combo and it is very light, and the little 25 is really a dream for candid-normal perspective shooting.

With the two kit lenses you (they) could figure out where they want to go next, if it is wide the 11-22 is a stellar performer. And for the reach of a short zoom the 14-54 is nice (the 12-60 is nicer still). If tele work really floats your boat the 50-200 is well regarded around here.

The three lens kit now with either the 14-54 or 11-22 would fall roughly around your $1,500 budget.

ps the ZD50 f2 makes a marvelous portrait lens and serves double duty at macro
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