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Re: Your recommendation: Single lens

Michael Meissner wrote:

I would not recommend an E-510 (or probably E-410 for that matter), since it has a number of quirks that make it harder to take great pictures out of the box.

We are asked to make a recommendations for someone willing to learn , not sb who will stick to shooting in the Auto and Scene modes.

The quirks of the E-510 are well documented - a thorough read of Wrotniak guide will quickly inform a novice how to proceed.

The next generation (E-520/E-420) fixed most of the problems with the E-510/E-410.

Unfortunately, all Oly cameras after E-510/E-410 have also used an overly strong antialiasing filter. This has been well-documented by dpreview and others. For example, read this page of the e-620 review at photozone :

It's only now, with the introduction of TruePic V in EP-1, that Oly is starting to reduce the strength of its AA filtering.

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