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E620+ZD14-54 or E-520+ZD12-60 or E-30+ZD50

All three of these combinations should fall within the stated budget.

The E-620 is a very enticing option right now combining excellent IQ with a small body. The E-520 however is currently almost impossible to beat for value-for-money.

Lenswise the 12-60 is considered the lens to beat in its price bracket and the 12mm (24mm equiv) gives a nice bit of extra wideangle compared to its competitors in the oly lineup. It is however quite expensive compared to the 14-54mm, which is also a very good lens. I can't really compare them since I haven't used the 12-60, but for me personally I found the IQ difference too small for the price premium so I went for the 14-54. However, I already had a wideangle option at that time.

The ZD50 prime is considered one of the very best lenses and IMO deservedly so. Its IQ is of the highest calibre (but do know its minus point: focussing is a bit sluggish compared to other lenses, especially in lowlight) for an excellent price. However on 4/3 that lens becomes 100mm so a pronounced tele.
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