Pixel density - can the playing field be leveled???

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Re: The answer of your question is right here

Graystar wrote:

The resizing algorithms don’t magically cancel noise while leaving signal intact. Signal gets averaged (and thus “cancelled”, to use your terms) just like noise does. There’s no distinguishing of noise and signal by resizing algorithms.

Statistically speaking (and in the real world), there is. Noise is present at every pixel, thus cancellation occurs. Noise value can add something/subtract something from the signal value at that pixel. Sometimes, it can add/subtract more than the signal itself. But since it is random in nature, it will cancel out when averaging. Signal is not random in nature, so yes, there are cases when it can "cancel" itself when resizing, but statistically, it is much less likely.

So again, to use your own words: "Signal gets averaged just like noise does". Yes, but the result of averaging signal / noise is quite different.

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