Canon 7D budget Full Frame?

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Re: Canon 7D budget Full Frame?

rrcphoto wrote:

until full frame sensors come down way way further in price, the delta between a full frame sensor and a crop is the rationale behind the expense.

It's more or less a question when the yield of FF size sensors go to "tolerable" level. Currently the APS-C size sensors cost roughly 20c per mm2 ($70 per with package).

From the data I read quite some time ago when 5D was new the FF sensor cost roughly 10x, 2.5x because of the bigger size and 4x because of the very low yield. So difference in the component was roughly $650, and converted to camera street price roughly 2x that i.e. $1300, which together with the 20D price range made the 5D price (with some premium added).

Now if Canon can get the yield upto 50% of that in the APS-C sensors, the price difference would drop to round $300, in camera price round $600 and that together with xxD price just below $2k. No premium anymore. So IMHO the

And a $2k camera a year from the launch may be just in the price range asked i.e. round $1500.

Mp's .. on that sensor doesn't really make a hill of beans worth of difference .. it's the physical size of the sensor.

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