How many pixels are too many?

Started Aug 19, 2002 | Discussions thread
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Re: How many pixels are too many?

I have enjoyed all the discussions on this interesting topic.

I have a Canon S40 (4 meg pixel). I would buy an 8 meg pixel when the price comes down.

The reason, it's easier to edit large mega pixel images! After they are printed at 4x6 the touch ups are not seen. Note: I am not a pro and so you will see touch ups at high enlargements, but at 4x6 they look like a million bucks. In real life, people have smeared lipstick, red blotched faces and age spots. More pixels make editing easier and less noticeable for us non-pros.

I say 'yes' to the push for more pixels in a easy to use non-pro camera. So long as software companies can then write better automatic image enhancement click buttons (low cost software and easy to use). It really is almost there, a few more years and who knows!

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