Canon and Infra Red ( IR) photography

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Re: Canon and Infra Red ( IR) photography

ANAYV wrote:

I read the modified camera's (Hot mirror removed,and IR filter put in it's place) Are really good,don't need a tripod (can shoot with faster shutter speeds,than with an attached IR filter in front of camera)

yes, much more convenient working with a modified camera.

I see some modified Canon S60 G2 and G6 selling ,for reasonable price,on Ebay

I think in general the olders models are better for IR, especially if you can get them at a lower price. I'm using IR-modified Sony 717 myself which is excellent for IR, but some of the older Canon G-series should offer similar performance. I'm not a fan of current tiny-sensor cameras for IR because of the unpleasant noise pattern in most of them (a converted G10 should be very good, but expensive).

With a compact I would choose a full-spectrum model if possible, so you can choose type of IR filter to use depending on the subject. But I think most converted compacts on Ebay come with an internal IR-pass filter (if they don't have a filter mount to start with that is a good compromise).

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