Leica S2 is Aesthetically Unappealing

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Coloni did not do Sony A900...

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The new Leica S2 body is aesthetically unappealing. For the grand cost of this camera it should make a pleasing design statement. As is, the body is boring and unpleasing. And yes, aesthetics matter.

I was just wondering. . . what you think is a aesthetically appealing body?

My favorites:

  1. Oly Pen F - I'm not sure who styled that one.

  2. Nikon D2X - I'm a sucker for the balanced coordination and ergonomics of Giorgetto Giugiaro's "folded paper" designs, and always though it made the camera look like machines somehow "eager" to go to work. Nikon has used Giugiaro's studio since the legendary F3, but I always though F4, F5, F100, and my beloved D3 have just a bit too much prism hump. D2X was near perfect.

  3. Pentax 645 - and I have no idea who styled that one, either.

  4. Leica M3 - It's what a European camera should be.

  5. Early Oly full frame SLRs.

My, well, not favorites:

  1. Just about any mid to high line Canon, from T90 to EOS to 1D. I can't help it, I've always thought Luigi Colani's "biodynamic" designs were both too "melted" and Geiger-esque, and too disfunctional, moving controls out of the ergonomic strike zones to make them look more like part of the design.

  2. Sony A900. I don't know who the designer is, but make up your mind: a little Giugiaro folded paper prism hump landed on a Colani melted glob body to nest? And the hand grip? The orange line, of course, is the final insult to the senses. Why doesn't that camera reach "critical ugly mass" and implode?

  3. Leica S2 and R9 - for entirely different reasons. R9 could have been great, but what they did with the artificially raised shoulders to "hide" the pentaprism is a crime against style. Too much "white space", "negative space", call it what you will. S2, well, that's just a crime. This thread has covered it well.

  4. Ricoh Marai - They called it "James Bond's camera", but Bond was way too cool for it. It's Flint's camera, or maybe Austin Powers'.

Anyone know who styled S2, R9, M3, or the early Olys? Or who the criminal responsible for A900 is?

I just got an email (that was fast) saying Luigi Coloni was also responsible for the Sony A900. He was not. Sony used Colani studios back in teh 70s and 80s to create several different corporate wide styles. Picture the Walkman, or the camcorders or televisions of that day. The A900 is sort of Anti-Coloni, he wouldn't have done that orange ring, that jagged prism, that weird grip (although he once did a Canon concept with tentacles).

(a quick note to jack... trying to "last word" your own thread is considered quite rude. Especially when you haven't contributed to the thread in four days, but apparently have checked on it frequently enough (every few minutes) to try to jump on the last post. Stalking is creepy, to begin with. Stalking yourself, that's creepy squared. Even worse that your last "contribution" is so short, and shows that you really don't have much of a clue as to what aesthetics actually is).

And, in case this one ends up the "last word" post in this thread...


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