G11 shutter delay

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so true. and also:

William Ing wrote:

I'm constantly amazed how seldom the issue of shutter lag comes up in these fora, whether we're talking about the latest Canon P&S offerings, or stuff that came down the pike over 12 months ago (like the Panasonic LX3). In the case of the S90 (the only new Canon Powershot that genuinely interests me) people seem to be infinitely more concerned with "deal breakers" such as size and pocketability, the lack of zoom range, the lack of an optical viewfinder, the lack of a grip, the power of the onboard flash, the control rings, etc., etc.


Watch for anything coming out from Panasonic these days. The G1 has an amazingly quick non-DSLR autofocus (I know, I own one, it's as fast as any entry-level DSLR). If they port that technology to their upcoming cameras, those are going to be killers.

Rumor has it the Panasonic ZR1 may have the tech.

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