Old Pentax MX lenses justify moving to DSLR?

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Old Pentax MX lenses justify moving to DSLR?

Hi all ... first time posting here. Hope it's not too dumb of a question.

I shot film in my MX for many years, got into digital in a small way many years ago mainly because of the cost of film & processing, and ease of getting images into my computer. Never could afford a DSLR that came close to film quality, so always looked for low cost P&S cameras with enough manual control for me.

About time to upgrade again, and the Pentax DSLR's are coming into range of my pocket book. I shoot only for my own pleasure, typically vacations, family events, and occasional fun (to me) projects, and mostly for my computer - rarely make a print.

My MX lenses are the SMC M 1:1.7 50mm, Takumar 1:2.5 135mm, and Super Albinar 1:2.8 28mm, all from late 70's era, and am wondering if they are of quality enough to justify buying a Pentax DSLR to hang them on. I rarely use the MX anymore due to costs, and difficulty finding decent processing labs. I used to have a B&W basement darkroom, and bought Tri-X in bulk, etc., but that stuff has been in the attic for many years now.

If the lenses justify going DSLR, is there a lot of difference between the K2000, K200D, K20D when using those old primes? Or is the K2000 good enough and save $200 or so for new flash, etc?

Are those old primes "significantly" better than the kit lenses on those DSLR's, or maybe those on say a Nikon D40/D60?


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Pentax MX, Kodak DX6490

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