Forgotten Boston (Long Island)

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Forgotten Boston (Long Island)

We took a cab from the T stop. The cabbie was helpful in dropping us off at the right spot near the beach. It was 12am and the tide was coming in fast, we got stuck on the rocks between the ocean and a road well traveled by police. We waited till the tide started to recede and plodded on across the slippery rock coast line.

Finally we reached the bridge to Long Island, guards posted on both sides and nowhere to hide.

After battling our way up the steep slope, dense shrubs and deadly pricker bushes we hide behind a guard rail and wait for the guards to leave. when we're confident we can make the half mile walk without being seen by passing cars we make our move. As we get to the other side and make our way under the bridge a car just crosses, we made it by the skin of our teeth.

Only another mile along the pitch black rocky shoreline and we're at our goal, an old hospital long forgotten by everyone in Boston. The only thing separating us from the hospital is a steep slope and an untold amount of wilderness (Goddamn pricker bushes). Finally we make it, it's 5am. We beeline for the roof to rest and watch the sunrise. I don't know what they survive on out there but the mosquitoes where so thick it was hard not to get them in your mouth or nose when breathing. As it turns out a citronella candle rubbed on your clothing is a pretty good deterrent.

As the sunrises and we get better lighting we make our way through the hospital taking as many shots as possible.

Finally at 8am we decide we're done. We make our way out of the hospital and towards the morgue, stopping at the power station on the way by.

The Morgue has two very dark rooms that are next to impossible to shoot, we do what we can and decide to leave.

The question at hand, do we trudge the beach and the bridge again and hope to not get caught in the daylight, or do we turn ourselves in and hope for an escort off the island? I want an escort, I'm tired, itchy, hungry and I need a shower......badly. As we walk out into the open near the homeless shelter we see an MBTA bus.....this can't be right? I walk over to the bus and ask the bus driver if it's possible we can get ride back to wherever he's going. He tells me that this bus is for the shelter, but this particular run was for the "special" people....I don't know what that meant. He tells us to hang around and when he comes back again we can take it then. AWESOME!

Right next to the parking lot is another abandoned building, it's the theater the Dropkick Murphys filmed some video in.

We check that out for about half an hour and head back towards where we saw the bus. True to his word the bus driver lets us on and we're escorted off the island in air conditioned victory. All in all it was the best adventure I've ever had.

Check out my flickr page for more adventures

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