G11 shutter delay

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bill hansen Veteran Member • Posts: 9,921
shutter lag forever.....

It makes no difference at all how many times I read the manual, how many times I go to manual focusing, turnin off the LCD, yadayadayada - there is still shutter lag. It's not the shutter noise - it's the time between full shutter press and exposure, and it sure does severely limit ability to do street photography, photos of children and pets, any sort of action shot, and so forth.

I'm very glad that someone else is finally pointing this out. Shutter lag, veeeerrry slloooow shot-to-shot times, and a limit of about 2 frames per second in "burst" mode are by far the biggest limitations of the G series so far. If they've been corrected or reduced with the G11, we haven't seen evidence of that yet.

I'll be very surprised, and very delighted, if they have been addressed with the G11 - and I'll buy the camera. But so far, I think my bank account is safe, and I'll safe to keep the G9 with me.

Bill Hansen

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