Going to Tokyo to buy a Ricoh GRD III

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Re: Going to Tokyo to buy a Ricoh GRD III

Congratulations, to you, making this trip - enjoy and take as many photos, as battery supply and memory cards allow.

I for myself would do the trip with your GRDII + batteries + cards + your GRDI as backup and skip the GRDIII purchase in Japan.

Get it for much less + warranty + service when your back home.

The photographs the new camera could take easier are a very little advantage to what could go wrong with the new one + an unacceptable premium with lesser service and higher risk.

When I bought my GRDII a while back, I had to exchange the camera with another one, as the motion sensor was misaligned on the first sample, resulting in erratic picture auto rotation in review and a display of proper alignment at an angle of 30º.

The exchange to a proper model went without a hassle with my preferred dealer here in Shanghai. Would I have bought it at a place, known for the special longnose cutomer treatment - it would have caused raised bloodpressure, unfriendly words and a lot of wasted time.

I dont think, I would be willing, to pay a premium to take this risk - after all it is just a new camera model.

Enjoy Japan - don't let a "camera upgrade" take the chance to ruin your trip.
Every day in Japan is very, very valuable, don't waste it in a camera shop.

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