G11 shutter delay

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Its VIDEO/LCD delay that causes all the problems....

Can't believe this thread ...... a little knowledge is a dangerous thing....

  • focus lag = time for the contrast detect sysem to focus the lens; typically .5 sec. or more

  • shutter lag = time to trip the shutter and commence image aquisition; typically .1 sec. or less

  • LCD lag = delay in the video subsystem to display image on the lcd; almost never published and totally ignored in the reviews, but typically .3 sec.

  • flash enabled lag = a processor delay in ordering the tightly sychronizd sequence, varies widly by camera, spec never published or reviewed; typically .3 sec. but longer in many cameras incliding the G7 I once owned.

The delay that is always there that no one accounts for is the video subsystem delay to put the picture on the screen.

This same delay makes it quite difficult to follow action using the lcd - just try it. never mind getting a shot of the moment, which is gone by the time you are seing it....this is the reason an OVF is a good thing.

Pre focused, you can actually do a reasonable job of shooting action, or grabbing moments if you use the G series OVF (despite its shortcomings) and why I always raise an eye at the posts that state - "OVFs are useless." Not if you wnat to grab those fleeting moments.....

The OVF has no video delay!!!!!

The two impressive things about the new G11 is that Canon has retained the OVF and returned the articulating screen which is a very convienent thing for shooting at odd angles or more importanly, discretly.

DSLRs BTW have more shutter delay than you might guess; typically between .1 and .3 sec. There is a lot to do - the mirror has to swing up out of the way.

human reaction time is on the order of .1 sec BTW

keep ALL of these fractions in mind the next time you are trying to figure out why you missed the shot.



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